24 Sept 2013

Arrived at last

Ok, so work is taking over me like per usual. And I haven't been able to update this blog as much as I want to. However, I have managed to get on with creating them brooches.
I received my supply, but forgot about the varnish. (doh) But I still carried on to make them.

The first one I tried was the 'Blue Jay Bird'

This was created using mixed media. Hopefully if I can get it varnished, I will use this as part of a giveaway. My first giveaway! So stay tuned for that via twitter.

The second one, which I am pleased with is the 'Kingfisher' bird.

This is in my shop now! So grab it while you can!

I did create two more brooches, a great tit bird and a blue giraffe, BIG BUT, they came out small. So I will have to order some smaller brooch backs! You can still have a peek at them though ;)

I quite like the process of the brooches. And just today I managed to create two gorgeous little kitties! You will have to wait til the next update for that! ;)

Catch me on twitter, till I post again!

*Oh, and I will post soon about being featured in etsy treasuries ;)*

15 Sept 2013

New Update

With my only day off today, I have updated my website again! The second time this month. I am quite happy with it now. So feel free to check it out: fawashah.com

On the other hand, I havent been able to draw anything for a while. But, I have managed to squeeze in some doodles at work.

Taken from the doodle, I have started another illustration off between the Fox and Magpie on a autumns day.

This magpie is very naughty! As the fox was walking, (minding its own business), the magpie takes an opportunity to drop some leaves all over him. How naughty is that!

This is available in either my Society or Etsy shop.

Throughout this month, I will be autumn inspired, and hopefully I will be able to illustrate more around this topic - including my little characters.

*Eeek, excited, I have ordered some supply to make my very own brooches. I have never done this before, so I will be updating you with that process!*

For now, just catch up with me on twitter.

4 Sept 2013

New Month, New start...

Ok, so the same thing keeps happening again where I am not posting here on a regular basis. However, today I decided that I would revamp my blog and website to tie in with my new image!

So with my new revamp, hopefully that should motivate me to continue to post on here!
And it is certainly not normal to post on here during the week neither. So new month, new start I guess.

Anywho, Autumn is around the corner once again. Boo! But it has inspired me over the week or so and I have come up with some illustrations.

Ok, so the first one is my 'Autumn Leaves' ACEO where leaves are falling off a tree and is creating a mountain. Soon enough, it will be covering the poor red bird. Maybe this could start me off another adventure with this little red bird..

'Orange Cat wearing Poppies' ACEO is inspired by the poppy cat. I took the words literal, and came up with the cat actually wearing a poppy headband. This orange cat has been a doodle in my sketchbook for a while.

And last but not least, 'Autumn Love'. What can I say me and my trees, but I am inspired by nature. I decided to combine the autumn tree with love. As we all know birds will soon leave our trees and take their love with them.

Anyway, I think thats enough of me. I will be posting soon again about my Etsy Treasuries. In the meantime, just catch me on twitter!