14 Jul 2013

A good catchup with Work in Progress and Etsy Treasuries 3 included

It has been sometime since I have actually posted here. So I think I am four months behind :/ The reason for my absence is the moving house, and I think we all know that it can be stressful when moving. Anyway I am back, so I will give it a try to update this blog more.

This is my work in progress at the moment. It was a spur of a moment to draw a hummingbird. I am just finishing off the flowers, so it should be done quite soon.

So as you can see I have been featured in a few treasuries, which is quite exciting. It is nice to know that people appreciate my work! :)

And also I received two emails from Society6 stating that two of my works have been put into the shop, thats quite exciting aswell. Hopefully it will bring traffic for me.

And checking 'Illustration Friday', the topic this week is 'Travel'. So hopefully in my next post I can show what happens next with the Bird and Cat series.

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So thats the end of this post.

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