10 Aug 2013

Catchup, Love Birds and Etsy Treasuries 4

Oh dear! I havent kept up to my promise, I am letting my blog slide away. :/ I know I should be posting daily, but why I dont, I dont have a clue.

Anyway, from my last post, I havent finished the Work in Progress (thats been put on hold), however I have come up with some new illustrations. Quite interesting.

Bird Plant - As I have been stuck with what to draw, I started drawing some plants my mum got the other week. And with the theme I have going on with birds, I put the two together to come up with this.
So why dont you grow a bird plant? Why cant a bird have a plant as a tail? And as autumn / winter season is coming, I decided to include red berries.

I then came up with this the other day. Why cant we grow our own love birds plant? I was playing on this thought with how love grows, and a pair of birds have grown in love.

So yeah, I have been featured in quite a lot of treasuries. These treasuries are so inspiring, just look at the different variations I have been included in.

I think that is it for time being, I have created quite a few ACEO's and sold a few at the same time. But for them, just see my twitter - my main timeline.

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