19 Apr 2013

Wild ACEO's

This one was inspired by my pink love hearts tree I did a week back in 'Catchup '
This one is based on the urban cat. I thought I would re illustrate it again.
This piece is what I had in mind for the 'Wild' theme. The wind has been a bit crazy over the week, so the leaves are flying away.
And this last image is based on my print class. I chose to illustrate Edward Lear's book of nonsense poem.

In reference to 'Illustration Friday topic 'Wild' I could make my mind up what I wanted to create. So to get me started I decided to create some ACEO's. This is my first lot in ACEO's. It is quite different to what I normally do! But it kept me busy!

My idea of the theme 'Wild' was to show either the wild flowers, or the wild wind we have had for over a week. When will we ever get spring?

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  1. These are all GORGEOUS!! My very favourites are the third one down based on urban cat and the wind blowing all those leaves and love about.

    1. Thank you Claire as always! I have made more ACEO's but havent updated this for a while.

  2. So many lovely trees! Such pretty leaves in those first two! And the windy ones with the hearts is so cute!