15 Sep 2013

New Update

With my only day off today, I have updated my website again! The second time this month. I am quite happy with it now. So feel free to check it out: fawashah.com

On the other hand, I havent been able to draw anything for a while. But, I have managed to squeeze in some doodles at work.

Taken from the doodle, I have started another illustration off between the Fox and Magpie on a autumns day.

This magpie is very naughty! As the fox was walking, (minding its own business), the magpie takes an opportunity to drop some leaves all over him. How naughty is that!

This is available in either my Society or Etsy shop.

Throughout this month, I will be autumn inspired, and hopefully I will be able to illustrate more around this topic - including my little characters.

*Eeek, excited, I have ordered some supply to make my very own brooches. I have never done this before, so I will be updating you with that process!*

For now, just catch up with me on twitter.


  1. What a fun story and beautiful illustration! Can't WAIT to see the brooches you create!

    1. Thank you claire! :) Hehe, I have received my supply today, so hopefully I can crack on with them soon!