24 Sep 2013

Arrived at last

Ok, so work is taking over me like per usual. And I haven't been able to update this blog as much as I want to. However, I have managed to get on with creating them brooches.
I received my supply, but forgot about the varnish. (doh) But I still carried on to make them.

The first one I tried was the 'Blue Jay Bird'

This was created using mixed media. Hopefully if I can get it varnished, I will use this as part of a giveaway. My first giveaway! So stay tuned for that via twitter.

The second one, which I am pleased with is the 'Kingfisher' bird.

This is in my shop now! So grab it while you can!

I did create two more brooches, a great tit bird and a blue giraffe, BIG BUT, they came out small. So I will have to order some smaller brooch backs! You can still have a peek at them though ;)

I quite like the process of the brooches. And just today I managed to create two gorgeous little kitties! You will have to wait til the next update for that! ;)

Catch me on twitter, till I post again!

*Oh, and I will post soon about being featured in etsy treasuries ;)*


  1. They are gorgeous! So unusal!! I think I will HAVE to go visit your shop!!

    1. Thanks Claire! :) I know I havent had the time to put them up, but hopefully they will be up soon! And I should be making a new post soon!