30 Mar 2013

Blue Jay Feathers

As I have started a night class on printmaking for 10 weeks, we have been given a topic based on Edward Lear.
From Edward Lear's book of nonsense, I chose to illustrate 'The Judicious Jubilant Jay".

    The Judicious Jubilant Jay,
    who did up her Back Hair every morning with a Wreath of Roses,
    Three feathers, and a Gold Pin.

This is the first idea I had. I will be posting what I do in the coming weeks.

You can buy this image in a print form or for your phone case by going to my society6 or Etsy 

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  1. Jubliant!! Perfect way to describe this!

    1. Yeah Edward Lear book of nonsense is inspiring at times, especially when it comes to printmaking! :)