15 Jan 2013

Communication Arts Competition

So I have plucked up the courage to enter the Communication Arts competition costing a mere £50.

I wasnt going to enter it, but since I have been a bit lazy and havent really promoted my work, I thought I would give it a go.

I decided to put these five images into the competition.

Based originally on the Grimm's Fairy tale, I have re-written and illustrated the full story.

It's about a Princess who has lost her ball down a pond, and a frog pops up and saves the day.

He will only get the ball on one condition that the Princess takes him back to the castle.

But she doesn't fulfill her promise, so that night the Frog knocks on the castle door, and jumps up and down inside.

He eats from the golden plate and is tired, so asks the Princess to take him up to her bed.

When she wakes up the next morning, he has turned into a Prince. And the Prince asks the Princess hand in marriage.

The book is available on E-book now for £4.99, please visit Blurb or the apple store.

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